Help us Create More Success Stories Like This! 

In 2003 Frank and Veronika Fodor immigrated to the US from Hungary with three small children to find a better life. At first Frank worked as an agricultural laborer to try and make ends meet. “I was working really hard, sometimes 80-90 hours a week – and for a low wage!” Frank said. Something had to change. By 2008 Frank and Veronika had saved up enough money to put a commercial kitchen in their home and Veronika’s Pastries began selling at the Ithaca Farmers Market. “Things got better quickly for us” recalls Veronika “Working in our home allowed us to spend more time with our children and before we knew it Frank was able to quit his job! Now we make all of our money by selling at the farmers market.” 

Frank and Veronika are grateful for the opportunity the farmers market gave them, but we need more success stories like theirs. With your help Friends can develop programming to provide business planning services, create a revolving low interest micro-loan fund, and subsidize the market fees for beginning market vendors. 

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