Each week, 75-100 vendors descend upon Steamboat Landing to sell their hyper-local goods. Our farmers produce amazing varieties of kale, garlic, kohlrabi, microgreens and more! While their beautiful spreads are attractive to the eye, they can seem intimidating in the kitchen. For many years, the Farmers Market has partnered with organizations like Cornell Cooperative Extension to offer nutrition education programs right at our daily markets. Their educators share cooking tips, recipes and samples with patrons — however, we could do so much more! Imagine health expos with cooking demos, Farmers Market field trips and other collaborations with schools and like-minded organizations such as the Children’s Reading Connection. The newly installed “Summer Supper” story fence on the Waterfront Trail is just one immediate opportunity to offer outdoor educational programming that is literacy-based, family friendly and all-around engaging. Our vendors, paired with other educators and nonprofits, have the power to spread the word about the nutrition dense products at market and the benefits to shopping local and knowing exactly where your food comes from. Will you become a Friend today and help us open a world of possibilities?

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